Mock branding work exploring the identity for a fictional brand ‘bigkid’. The brand’s identity is a ‘social lifestyle movement’ that exists on a digital platform, aiming to encourage adults to unleash their inner imagination and creativity. 
‘Here at ‘bigkid.’ We believe everyone is an adventurer. A princess, an astronaut, a racing car driver, a pop star. We will always wonder why the sky is blue and just exactly how much gold there is at the end of the rainbow. We jump in muddy puddles, sing in the rain and drink ice cream soda floats with extra sprinkles.

We’re here to remind each other of the everyday beauty in life and the inner child we all hold dearly within our hearts. We have an ethos of innocence and inspiration and encourage everbody to re-ignite their spark of curiosity. Here you’ll be able to find new skills, teach others your existing ones, open your mind to possibility and explore what more life has to offer.

Share your stories and question the ordinary.

Become a bigkid.’