‘Fight Club’: A Reinterpretation

A reinterpretation of the classic novel ‘Fight Club’ aiming to create interest and appeal for a new audience. The themes within the narrative are expressed through an ‘interactive reading journey’ allowing the user to engage with the content in an entirely new way.

The book cover is redesigned with a custom typeface inspired by bruises and themes of unstable character personalities. A layer of thermochromic ink conceals the cover design, allowing the user to reveal the design underneath using heat of their own hands. As the user interacts with the book physically, they can see the marks they are making as the ink then re-heals itself much like human skin.
The user scans the QR code, leading to a
digital webpage in which the character ‘Tyler Durden’ has an instructional message addressed directly to the reader. He explains an extension
of the narrative in which the book has been censored by publishers and that he has left a
trail of secret messages for the user to discover as they read the book.
From the previous instruction of ‘Tyler Durden’
the reader must look out for ‘cigarette burn’
marks in the corner of pages, indicating interactive content opportunities. Using their mobile the user is able to watch the pages come to life through augmented reality to show Tyler’s trail of secret messages.